Certamen Ciceronianum Arpinas


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The Certamen

The Certamen Ciceronianum Arpinas, organized by the Center for Humanistic Studies “Marco Tullio Cicerone”, in cooperation with the City of Arpino, it's a competition of Latin translation and commenting on a Cicero’s text. Open to students enrolled last year of high school classic worldwide, it takes place every year in Arpino, Italy, (in the province of Frosinone), in May. The event was founded in 1980 by the headmaster of “Tulliano” High School, Prof. Ugo Quadrini, who thanks to his assiduous commitment quickly gave the Certamen an international dimension.

Certeman Ciceronianum Arpinas

Certamen Ciceronianum Arpinas

Certamen Ciceronianum Arpinas

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